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Wildlife is all around us and has been the source of inspiration

of our endeavors in every which way imaginable. Our desire to educate and build awareness about nature by means of entertaining content is a responsibility for us… one which we assume as such, with the respect and ethical standards such work requires. And that’s precisely what makes us NEDO.

About Us

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We specialize in content production focused in awareness of the wild life around the world, with local wilderness and with the utmost respect of the environment and our principle of no interference in the animal world. Moreover, we combine our service with direction and documentary presentations, depending the needs and challenges that come our way.

National and International Co-productions

We think that each actor can deliver his expertise through tasks distribution that leads to better quality and results in documentaries. That is how, since our inception, we have taken on co-productions with all kinds of national and international clients that lead us to increase the value of our product.


Through strategic alliances with animal world media partners, including TV, Digital and others, we have acquired knowledge and expertise to offer assistance in project direction. We’re not afraid to create, support and innovate; on the contrary, they constitute our inspirational seal as producers.

Wild Life content consultants

Wild life often has a lot of needs that require a specific language and knowledge. In NEDO, we’re involved and we care. We generate quality content and that’s why we offer our services as consultants in wild life matters, with a team of experts with national and international experience. We know just how essential it is for projects to boost contents correctly.


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Currently, NEDO is working internationally with Discovery Communications (Animal Planet) and BBC, developing original content and assisting as producers and fixers.

During the last couple of years, NEDO has established a strategic alliance in international co-production with Equilibrio Films LLC. (U.S.), developing innovative projects, with high production value and tailored to that which we are most passionate about, in a style that clearly identifies our character.

Locally, Nedo/Equilibrio are working in a CNTV 2014 award-winning project (International Co-Production Category), that will be released in 2016 in CHV open network channel for all of Chile.

Previously, we have developed content for Canal 13 and 13C, which are still being run from time to time in channel 13C, which have been commercialized internationally.