About us

Nedo films was created with the goal of connecting people with nature through entertaining and ethical films. We are a diverse group of friends who work together for conservation.

Rene Araneda

(Creative Director)

Filmmaker, designer and professional Wilderness Field Guide (certified by the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa).
Over the last decade, Rene has become a Producer/Director specialized on Patagonia and South America’s wildlife, from elusive marine creatures to wild cats, and many less known animals too, always finding new stories in this southern region, often working on remote and tough locations.

Almost 30 hours of content developed over the last 12 years, exploring different formats from Blue chip to presenter driven films (Rene himself has been presenter for some). Many awards and nominations over the last decade on Jackson Wild, Wildscreen and Emmy Awards.

Kendra Ivelic

(Executive Producer)

Kendra is a wildlife biologist with a Master in ecology, evolution and conservation from the Imperial College of London. She has dedicated her life to wildlife rehabilitation by managing the Refugio Animal Cascada wildlife center. Since 2017 she immersed herself in wildlife filmmaking, using her scientific knowledge and experience with animals to produce, direct and film natural history documentaries, with the goal of educating and connecting people with nature.

Cristobal Santamaria

(Editorial + Camera)

 Cristobal is a filmmaker committed to nature conservation. He seeks to capture the beauty of the natural world and the love of those who protect it to tell stories from the heart, connecting people with the world around them. Since he was a child he has enjoyed the natural wonders of Chile exploring many of its corners, learning from the wisdom of its wild inhabitants and its ecosystems, forming a unique vision and great sensitivity to transmit passion, curiosity and respect for nature. Director, editor, camera operator and certified drone pilot for documentaries and wildlife films.

Timothy Connelly

(Field Assistant)

Nalani Ivelic

(Field Assistant Scientific advisor)

Cristobal Cusicanqui

(Field Assistant)

Christian Thorsoe

(Field Assistant)

Daniela Morales